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Hello everyone! My name is Mario and I love to cook. I have lived in Colombia, Canada, and all around the United States. Because of this, I have tasted many different cuisines. However, one thing has always been constant…the ingredients. I believe, that quality ingredients make amazing food. If you have the right ingredients, you don’t have to do much. MAKE THE INGREDIENTS SHINE.

I am currently an athletic trainer. Growing up, I played many different sports, mainly soccer and basketball. I used to joke around with my friends that the reason I was so active was so that I could eat whatever I wanted. I have always had an interest and curiosity in cooking, exploring different recipes, and cuisines while putting my own twist, flavors, and different food combinations together to create a meal that everyone remembers.

The reason I decided to name my food blog “Live to Taste” is that in order to live and live well we must eat and eat well.  It all begins with one taste. 

Over the years, I have shared my recipes with friends and family. Now I am very excited to share my recipes with all of you. So please join me on this culinary journey!

Bon appetit!